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According to Merriam and Webster,
Definition of Delight
Delivering Delight is a way of life. While we are wired for fear, we are build for delight (and to delight). With the old proverb “we reap what we sow”; by planting seeds of delight through smiles or giving to others, especially on their worse days and even on your worse days, you will find delight. Learn more about delighting and how to deliver delight here.

Our Company

We are a company of leading experts and keynote speakers in delightful culture and positive workplaces. We help companies connect their employees with values by deploying world class training, teaching, and facilitation either directly or through individuals selected by the companies. We also help individual managers, trainers, facilitators and group leaders to become more effective, engaging, and entertaining by learning and applying different proven techniques.
When we set out to train your employees, our focus is on delighting from within and spreading delight to increase performance by connecting the mind, heart and soul (creativity, communication and enjoyment). We help employees align to your organization and understand each other to increase participation, engagement and development. Delighted employees result in better service delivery to increase customer satisfaction and retention.

At Delivering Delight, we help your employees to:

  • Understand the WHY behind behaviors and factors that motivate
  • Experience the importance of values and connect through similarities and differences
  • Drive positive upgrade of culture in your organization by removing silos
  • Have meaningful communications to be a successful team instead of individuals
  • Become motivated leaders who inspire others
  • Learn how to facilitate purposeful discussions and participation using activities, games and role-plays
  • Laugh, enjoy and have fun to innovate with creativity


To undertake every training and keynote speaking schedule with determination, enthusiasm and proven research that guarantees delighted clients and participants.


To make a delightful and purposeful world where leaders are empowered to delight and lead with values to win hearts and deliver results.


Delighting the world, one workplace at a time.

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