Struggling to improve sales because you can’t grow and hold on to your customers? Are you firing and hiring without retaining your best talents? Are you compromising your values for short term gains? Do you find yourself copying success stories without and long term results?

Culture transformation begins from within. We are aware of the elements to a delightful workplace; communication, trust, growth, motivation, etc. However, how do we achieve these elements in when there is already miscommunication, distrust, lack of creativity and innovation, low morale and teamwork in your organization?

Discover the different workshops targeted at various aspects of your organization with proven results to transform your workplace into a delightful, dancing heaven or contact us to learn more!



Workshop · 2 to 6 days

“A workshop that delivers structured approach to innovation and creativity through Playful Learning Methodologies’’ About Play Innovation Workshop This workshop promises to equip participants with the tools, mindset, and leadership culture ...

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Influential Communication with the Heart

Workshop · 1 day to 2 days

“The difference between the ‘content’ and the ‘process’ of how a message is transferred is a combination of head and heart’’ About this Workshop This workshop is for individuals and organizational/group leaders who wants to build gr...

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In Your Shoes

Workshop · 1 to 2 days

“Actively solicit for feedback. Speak up positively and clear elephants from the room.” About this Workshop This workshop centers on experiential leadership realignment. It helps participants to identify and address vital issues that ofte...

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Appreciative Inquiry (AI)

Workshop · 1 day

“Search for the best in your people and your organization through positive methods and means to change how your people think” About this workshop At Delivering Delight, we organize the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) workshop to sensitize manag...

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Leading With Values

Workshop · 1 day

“Be in charge, take ownership of Values and Connect with Purpose’’ About this Workshop What motivates you to hire and fire? Is it based on eligibility or suitability to your values and culture? Do you connect between living the values and p...

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