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About Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee is a seasoned Human Resources professional with over 10 years of
experience in Banking, Consultancy, Manufacturing, and Facilities

In his corporate life, Daniel has been responsible for implementing learning for
global business units involving thousands of employees, and millions in

Employing a facilitation style that utilizes personal experiences, storytelling,
humor, and stage performance, Daniel engages audiences from the very
beginning of his trainings. Deep knowledge and skills transfer linked to personal
development is his main aim.

He imparts the lessons of Personal Leadership, helping aspiring and first-time
leaders make the shift from minion to leader, with a clear understanding that
the source of all leadership starts with the individual. More information on that
can be found on his website: www.charmandhumour.com.

Daniel has lived and worked in Australia for 10 years, and easily adds an
international element to any engagement. He has professional training
experience with Accenture, American Express, BNP Paribas, DHL, Marina Bay
Sands, Standard Chartered, and many others.

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