Eyal Eltawil

Eyal Eltawil is an Israeli actor, screen writer, stand-up comedian, TEDx speaker and author who should not be alive today, but he is.

At the age of 31, Eyal woke up with severe gut pains that were diagnosed as stage 4 terminal cancer, Ewing Sarcoma. Even after intensive treatments, doctors told Eyal he had 5% chances of recovery.

“When I received the devastating news from the doctors I had to decide whether to fall into deep depression or try and find a creative solution. Despite the fears I decided to laugh as much as I could through any experience I might go through during that time. Today I can definitely say that humor saved my life.”

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Is humor essential to your health? Can a humoristic outlook on a difficult crisis results in a turning point? Can laughter help to recover? Is frustration the really only option?

“After recovering from cancer, or to be exact – making it die of laughter”

Declared free of cancer 5 years later, Eyal now travels the world alive and laughing to inspire, motivate, educate and entertain He presents his inspiring personal story of self-healing through humor and laughter. Filled with personal anecdotes, his hilarious keynote brings creative messages of hope, positivity and resilience to start seeing life and its challenges from a different and powerful perspective. This is a story of victory, not a performance on sickness. This is a funny and moving performance on the triumph of the soul over all obstacles and challenges in life, however great or frightening, and of the positive and wonderful influence of humor on our life and health.

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Delight others:

We would like to thank you for your lecture before the team of volunteers in the “Street Address” project at Elem voluntary association

The humor you brought in your story, along with the confidence you showed while laughing at your way of handling things, testifies to the transformation you made in your life

The entire crew of volunteers and employees have learned a lot from your story and the way you presented it. A significant message, such as the power of humor in our lives, its meaning to the process of recovery and the deep observation of emotional processes as a crucial variable in our complete health state, were smartly crafted through your words

The connection between your personal story and humor and laughter is in many ways connected to our work with teenagers and teaches a lot about optimism, will power, motivation for a change and firmness to survive even in the toughest places.

You were able to arouse our curiosity and thoughts, along with encouraging us to use your story and your message during our work with teenagers

An entire crew was mesmerized by your story, which was delivered humbly, honestly and with a lot of humor, and enabled everyone to learn from your personal adventures.

Elem Association

On behalf of the Givat Shmuel Women Circle, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for an empowering, interesting and exciting show.

You were a part of an evening dedicated to early discovery of breast cancer, and you managed to transmit humor, affection and optimism.

Through the show you gave a lot of hope and strength to the audience. Your personal hurtful yet healing journey mesmerized the audience, while making them laugh with the magic of humor and your home made videos you took during the illness.

We are proud of you for your victory over the disease and for the fact that you are able to stand here on stage and give others strength and optimism from your struggle.

Wishing you a lot of health and a productive future

Givat Shmuel’s Women Circle

The Cancer That Died Of Laughter

TEDx @ Tel Aviv University March 2016

Cancer Stand-up Show

Eyal's performance for fundaraiser during treatment

Eyal Showreel

The comedian and actor Eyal Eltawil

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