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The Cancer That Died of Laughter

“During our lifetime, we all come accros challenges and crises. The question is how each of us decides to deal with them. I made the choice to face every morning with humor as the option for a better and more balanced life.”


Eyal Eltawil was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer at the age of 31, with metastases in his body and only 5% chance of recovery. Eyal, who had been used to laughing all his life and to dealing with every crisis with the aid of humor and laughter, decided to treat the biggest challenge in his life that way too, and kill the cancer with laughter, come what may. Three years after his full recovery, he was told there was a fair chance the cancer had recurred. Despite the harsh news, and while waiting anxiously for the lab results, he decided to laugh again and even relate his experience in a book.

The Cancer That Died of Laughter tells of how he coped with his double dilemma – on one hand with his cancer from the past, and on the other hand, the threat hanging over his future. In the book, Eyal laughs about everything: the medical system, his friends, “medicinal” marijuana, the sperm bank, the side effects of the treatments, and more.


“This book is a blessing to all people facing any sort of crisis, and more so if it is a medical challenge. It shows how each and every one of us can deal with them, without becoming a victim of the situation, but by choosing to experience its comic and optimistic side. That alone will most certainly assist recovery. Reading it is a must for everyone.”

Lenny Ravich, Director of the Gestalt Institute in Israel and author of the best-seller Everlasting Optimism.


Eyal Eltawil, 39 years old, actor, stand-up comedian and script-writer, acted and wrote scripts for stage and TV shows. After his recovery, he developed the sensitive, yet comic show, The Cancer That Died of Laughter, describing the journey of his recovery, and now works with and coaches lecturers, and performs nationwide.

Breakthrough in Business & Life

A must book for anyone wishing to take control over their life becoming Mega-effective and able to create opportunities getting ahead of the competition.

Do you feel you are not in control over your life? Progressing too slowly? Stuck?

The authors combine their lifelong accumulated experience and proven success to guide you through the complex, often challenging high paced 21st century reality enabling you to a proactively take control over your life by becoming Mega-effective in a very unique way – the BuDo way. Delivered in a clear way through more than 60 concrete methods, techniques and exercices that you can actually apply on a journey to success.


Amit Offir is a bestselling author, lecturer, business consultant and an international expert in creating communication through drawing. So far he composted and produced hundreds of bestselling books worldwide in different categories. Among the books are “The Beetle that Want to Be”, “Even Dragons get Scared”, and many other books. His books and products sold millions of copies around the world and were translated into dozens of languages.


Eyal Nir is founder of the “Personal Leadership the BuDo-way” program delivered worldwide and shared in this book. Sensei Nir holds a MSc. degree in EE, has long term experience in the global technology-based market as a marketing and sales manager, serves a chairman of the Israel Traditional Karate Federation and holds a 6-Dan black belt. In this book sensei Nir’s huge combined experience is harnessed and made available for you to reach Black Belt level in becoming more efficient and productive in your personal life and business endeavours.


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