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The Cancer That Died of Laughter

“During our lifetime, we all come accros challenges and crises. The question is how each of us decides to deal with them. I made the choice to face every morning with humor as the option for a better and more balanced life.”


Eyal Eltawil was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer at the age of 31, with metastases in his body and only 5% chance of recovery. Eyal, who had been used to laughing all his life and to dealing with every crisis with the aid of humor and laughter, decided to treat the biggest challenge in his life that way too, and kill the cancer with laughter, come what may. Three years after his full recovery, he was told there was a fair chance the cancer had recurred. Despite the harsh news, and while waiting anxiously for the lab results, he decided to laugh again and even relate his experience in a book.

The Cancer That Died of Laughter tells of how he coped with his double dilemma – on one hand with his cancer from the past, and on the other hand, the threat hanging over his future. In the book, Eyal laughs about everything: the medical system, his friends, “medicinal” marijuana, the sperm bank, the side effects of the treatments, and more.


“This book is a blessing to all people facing any sort of crisis, and more so if it is a medical challenge. It shows how each and every one of us can deal with them, without becoming a victim of the situation, but by choosing to experience its comic and optimistic side. That alone will most certainly assist recovery. Reading it is a must for everyone.”

Lenny Ravich, Director of the Gestalt Institute in Israel and author of the best-seller Everlasting Optimism.


Eyal Eltawil, 39 years old, actor, stand-up comedian and script-writer, acted and wrote scripts for stage and TV shows. After his recovery, he developed the sensitive, yet comic show, The Cancer That Died of Laughter, describing the journey of his recovery, and now works with and coaches lecturers, and performs nationwide.


Everlasting Optimism

In this rare and authentically funny book, Lenny Ravich emphatically underlines his passion for optimism as a way of life that promises better health, success in all areas of our lives, and for relationships that work. By drawing on this personal 81 year journey, Lenny keeps us in stitches as he allows us to experience how his responses to life’s “slings and arrows” have helped him reduce stress, anxiety, fear, and anger only to come out on the other end smiling, healthy and gracious. Lenny wrote this book to support all who are going through rough patches and offers the hope that we will be stronger, and happier.

You can preview the book and purchase the Kindle version (Only availaible outside Singapore) at or ship directly from Amazon!

Finally a book about optimism that is hilariously funny. Brilliant and easy to apply practical recipes for happier life, charmingly written by an educator and humorist sage.” ~ Jack Canfield, Originator of “Chicken Soup for The Soul” series

Funny, accessible, and insightful, this book can help you laugh all the way to everlasting happiness.” ~ Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD, Author of New York Times best-selling book “Happier

A life changer. Funny and authentic.” Chip Conley, Author of New York Times best-selling book “PEAK” and “Emotion Equations

Come take Lenny’s hand as he leads you through his hilarious 81 year journey to everlasting optimism and learn how to:

  • Bounce back from adversity/negativity and live a life of laughter
  • Use the 4SW (Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, Someone else is Waiting) formula to achieve all you desire
  • Laugh at yourself and stay strong
  • Identify your emotions for an authentic life
  • Make your relationships workable and enjoyable
  • Use humor in adjusting creatively to ageing
  • Make lemonade from lemons
  • Laugh at your past
  • Use the “bullfight” method to side-step negativity
  • Become an adverse paranoid (people are saying good things behind my back)

“…an everlasting effect on your attitude towards life and ability to shift at any given moment from pessimism to optimism. It’s my all-time mood booster, regularly on my table for inspiration.” ~ Eran Katz

“…He doesn’t promise perpetual bliss-on-earth, but he knows that resilience requires that we have believable uplifting encouragement in today’s world, and he delivers! You will want to deliver ‘Everlasting Optimism’ to everyone you love, and even to some who may be hard to love.” ~ Steve Wilson

“With the revision of ‘Everlasting Optimism’ you will have the opportunity of sitting with Lenny for a few hours as he shares his personal, spiritual and quantum entangled life lessons with us; all in a bubble of joyous laughter, sprinkled with graceful perspective. Maybe read it a couple of times…” ~ Robert Lowe

“Ravich explains how creating live-and-laugh solutions to personal problems in one’s life will lead to a healing happiness and enlightenment.” ~ Mackie JV Blanton

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