The Value of Values Game + Demo

A value developing game for adults and children irrespective of age


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This product is sold together with a demonstration at your workplace to up to 5 people. In Singapore, we will bring the game to the demo session. If you reside outside of Singapore, you will need to pay for the shipping cost.

The Value of Values is a card game that helps players to identify their personal values and understand their WHY behind behaviors. It unifies the group of players through a celebration of shared values and acceptance of differences. The game also helps to develop an understanding of how to reach a consensus among people in a group or organization and respecting values they all consider to be sacrosanct or important. The game is created as a fun, educational and sticky memory retention activity which is simple and enjoyable by all including adults and children.

When you play the Value of Values game;
• you will understand your personal values and those values shared with others in your daily life
• this understanding will guide your actions, motivators as well as relationships with other people
• this understanding will also help you lead your life purposefully in the pursuit of your goals
• you will recognize the importance of values and the roles they play in your life and in your relationships with others

The Value of Values game is a great team-building activity which can be facilitated to create team values and align to organizational goals. It can also be customized to an organization’s needs or different languages by purchasing the license fee.

Delivering Delight is the exclusive agent and certified facilitator in Asia.

Developed by Simon Dolan and Avishai Landau, the inspiration for creating the Value of values game was prompted by the findings of leading researchers and academics especially the findings in the book ‘’Management by Values’’ a best-selling written by Prof. Simon Dolan.

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