Cultivating a Delightful Culture

Lead With Inner Delight

While we are wired for fear, we are desire, designed and rewarded physically and emotionally when we delight others and enjoy being delighted. Not only an inspiring edutainment learning program for organisations world wide, it is also an important social message.

With the old proverb “we reap what we sow”; by planting seeds of delight through smiles or giving to others, especially on their worst days and even on your worse days, you will find delight. Learn more about cultivating delighting and how to deliver delight.

Transform Your Culture

Find and Manage your Inner Delight

It is Easier DONE than Said

Similar to the settings of your mobile phone, when you are on Flight/Airplane mode you will not be able to connect, likewise your Inner Delight Settings need a tweak from time to time.

  1. Become aware of your Delight Settings
  2. Tweak your Delight Settings to uplift your level of delight
Delight OS

Get Inspired

Inspire yourself and your team, organization and community with our delightful articles, videos, songs and free resources!






Avi conducted a most engaging guest lecture for the NUS Executive MBA in April 2017. The class loved his session! It was full of energy and home-hitting learnings, and it perfectly complemented the Service Management course the class was taking.

Jochen Wirtz

NUS Vice Dean

Avi Liran and Lenny Ravich delivered first rate training to a selected team at MBS. The concept of encouraging laughter and positive attitude to gain superior guest service was well relieved by the team, and I look forward to seeing the results in the near future

Tamir Shanel

Former VP F&B

We worked with Avi and his Delight team for a period of 6 months in 2011-12. The team at Marina Bay Sands had a great time participating in his workshops and took back several learning that were implemented in their Operations.

Jay Thyagarajan

Executive Director

Channel NewsAsia Interview on Happy, Genuine service

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