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Do you know your delight setting? Are you hearing your customers or listening to feedback? Do you fear or love your workplace? Imagine a workplace where people are delighted and empowered to delight your customers.

Delightful Leaders create a Delightful Organizational Culture giving life to Delightful Employee Experience empowering them to deliver Delightful Customer Experience.

What is Delight
Delivering Culture

Culture = Values + Organization

Do you know your values? Values are not simply beautiful posters on the wall. While leaders influence the organization’s culture, you must take ownership of your values to connect with purpose.

Lead with Values for Influential Communication with the Heart to have Appreciative Inquiry and learn to be In Your Shoes of employees to inspire Playnovation.

Transform Your Culture

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Inspire yourself and your team, organization and community with our delightful articles, videos, songs and free resources!


We were delighted

Creating and cultivating a delightful world, one workplace at a time

Avi conducted a most engaging guest lecture for the NUS Executive MBA in April 2017. The class loved his session! It was full of energy and home-hitting learnings, and it perfectly complemented the Service Management course the class was taking.

Jochen Wirtz

NUS Vice Dean

Channel Newsasia Interview on Happy, genuine service

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