We believe that the best service comes from within

The best service does not begin from an individual. Neither a team, nor a department. But the entire organisation. We believe that the most powerful experiences are experiences that fuse mindware (knowledge), hardware (infrastructure, technology and processes) and heartware (cultural DNA).

That’s why at Delivering Delight, delivering delight is more than an attitude. It is a movement. Our way of life, our ethos that encapsulates every single thing we do. That’s why we’ve built our company, and named ourselves, after it.

Because to us, delight is the oft-missing link, the heartware, that brings the extraordinary to ordinary experiences both internally and externally.

The Delight Model

To work, create and communicate. To lead, serve and drive. It starts from the very top of an organisation, percolates throughout, resonates through its soul and is then driven bottom-up. This is our Delight Model – one that reinvents service from all angles, and delights from the inside-out.

Delightful Leaders (DL) The cycle of delight in organisations begins here. Delightful leaders genuinely care for their employees and seeks to improve the organisation beyond monetary profits. They are the foundation of Delivering Delight and set the possibility of a Delightful Culture. Delightful Leaders do not merely dictate and lead a team, they are part of the team driving for success.


Delivering Delight

‘’Imagine a workplace where your people are delighted and empowered to delight your customers’’ About this keynote If you’re looking to attract, keep and engage your customers and the best talents out there, you must learn to delight them. ...

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Delivering Delight – Lead With Joy & Care

The journey for to Deliver Delight starts within. This transformational program starts from the individual and connects to the team. It helps leaders and managers to develop awareness and take ownership of their inner delight settings and learn pr...

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