Delivering Delight - Delivering Delight

‘’Imagine a workplace where your people are delighted and empowered to delight your customers’’

About this keynote

If you’re looking to attract, keep and engage your customers and the best talents out there, you must learn to delight them.

Delivering Delight keynote provides organizations the ideas they need to expand their boundaries and horizons to reach out to higher purpose with the aim of connecting, enriching, and delighting their customers, employees, the host communities and the world.

Delightful Leaders inculcate a sound Delightful Culture which is the base of the Delivering Delight concept. It provides organizations the benefit of Delightful Employee Experience which in turn yield sustainable Delightful Customer Experience.

As it is with all customer-centric management practices, leadership is at the heart of Delightful Culture. The Delivering Delight keynote provides insights into how the leadership in your organization can Lead with Values and consistently role model the principles of Delightful Culture.

The Delivering Delight Culture is a way of life and it is also an exciting and rewarding journey. This keynote is entertaining and participants will acquire important and practical tools to boost personal and team effectiveness. The Delivering Delight keynote is delivered by utilizing modern research tools spiced with ancient wisdom and real-life scenarios in a fun filled way such that participants easily learn to apply the principles and are gently compelled to virally infect others.

The Key Milestones in the Delivering Delight Journey in your organization:

  • Inquiry
  • Inspiring Delivering Delight Buy-in
  • Establishing common Delight language
  • Leadership Leading with Values. Learning the essential skills to positively lead with joy, care and concern and the techniques to inspire collaboration
  • Effective and Delightful communication. Strategies for building trust and influence. Combining heads, hearts and hands and upgrading listening skills.
  • Training the Trainers to impact all levels of your organization
  • 60 - 90 min

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