Randy Gilbert

I loved every minute of our interview on the Inside Success Show. Your passion for humor, combined with your laughter and enthusiasm for helping other people see the lighter side of life, really made for a great interview.

Host of The Inside Success Show

Jay Thyagarajan

16 March 2015

We worked with Avi and his Delight team for a period of 6 months in 2011-12. The team at Marina Bay Sands had a great time participating in his workshops and took back several learning that were implemented in their Operations. The hotel moved from approx. 140 rank on TripAdvisor to 36 in the 12 months after we took part in Delivering Delight workshops! No better proof that happy employees mean happy customers!

Executive Director

Gail Schuster

Dear Lenny,
I want to personally thank you for a wonderful program here in Birmingham.
We have had nothing but positive feedback from the attendees. I, for one, am continuing to pay more attention to my responses and have found that my tolerance for frustrating things has improved. I am now taking much more time to laugh with my family. I also plan on sharing your book with them.

Chair for Social Services

Sanjeev Shukla

30 March 2015

Lenny conducted a two hour workshop for our Managers on the joy of humor, managing anxiety through humor and on effective communication between two people. The style of the workshop was hands on and participative and the delivery was simple and effective. In a short time he reminded us of how the simplest of gestures and practices can be a strong tool in solving the most complicated of issues in one’s life! His humor and joy of life is infectious!

Director of Sales and Marketing

Tamir Shanel

2 May 2011

Avi Liran and Lenny Ravich delivered first rate training to a selected team at MBS. The concept of encouraging laughter and positive attitude to gain superior guest service was well relieved by the team, and I look forward to seeing the results in the near future.

Former VP F&B, Current EVP F&B with The Stronach Group

David Ng

5 June 2012

I enjoyed the workshop organized by Avi’s company. A workforce will be very productive and effective if its energy level is high and preciously that is what we learnt from the workshop on how to increase the working relationship and engagement energy level. Besides this, the workshop also provide good methodology in problem solving which in my own opinion is very practical. Good workshop for companies who want to achieve high engagement level in the workforce.

Former VP Regional Technical, Current Managing Director with Delong Management

Ivo Stecha

25 May 2012

Unlike many motivational trainings, Delivering Delight is the one that will stick with you at work and and at home. When Avi and Lenny came to MBS last year for 2 days, the Team members were strolling in, unaware what to expect, some skeptical (especially after our Blackberry’s were taken away). But through an amazing approach, creativity, fun exercises and sharing some life experiences, Avi and Lenny made that group of people become much closer, regardless of the position. We came out of the two days caring more for each other and understanding of the positive attitude we need to bring to work and life. Most of all, it was so much FUN!! We are very grateful to have the opportunity to work with them and hope to see them back soon.

Former General Manager, Current Senior Manager with Apple

Gianpietro Iseppi

19 February 2014

Avi and the Delivering Delight team gave our team here in Singapore a truly once in a lifetime training and forced people to become comfortable with themselves as individuals and putting the company second. It was such an enlightening experience that focused on the human aspect of management and leadership with the understanding that team goals will be reached through relationship building. A great investment and a life changing training.

Former Director of Operations, Current VP Operations of Solaire Resort and Casino

Howie H S Lau

19 April 2014

I’d engaged Avi to design and conduct a leadership workshop for my AP Marketing team and the results were great! Avi was able to design a very creative programme with strong messages in line with our business priorities. He brings infectious energy to the workshop, with creative ideas, executions and a healthy dose of humor. Team really enjoyed the session and gave very positive feedback! Everyone walked away feeling very engergized and engaged. Would certainly consider engaging Avi again in the future. Thank you Avi!

Former VP Corporate Development, Current CMO with Starhub

Sébastien Monaco

1 November 2015

I had the delight to participate in his Delight workshop with all other execs of my Company and our direct report employees. Three days of disruption, role playing games, deep personal and professional self-audits, on a team play positive thinking constructive pathway. Smartly mixing Scientific references and theories with practical tools and rich words, you receive and build by our own the necessary weapons to kill negativeness, silo approaches and break the rules for making your teams keep growing and create one of the best work place to work. I strongly recommend to execs, and especially european retail ones, to try and adopt this delightful experience, and after that wouldn’t be surprise if your sales and productivity will suddenly take off.

Former CIO & Digital Transformation Lead, Current Partner with DXC Technology

Delaine Tan

31 October 2016

Avi made an enormous difference to the quality of my HR conference in SG this year with his passion and dedication as a Speaker. He played a key role in my conference success with his excellent coaching and insights on ‘Delivering Delight’. I highly recommend Avi both as a coach and an excellent speaker. I’ve never worked with such a dedicated and passionate individual who truly cares about his clients and his work. He will make a difference for you and your business, just trust the process.

Former Conference Production Manager, Current Conference Director with Management Events

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