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Inspirer, writer, humourist and TEDx/IDEASx speaker Avi Liran believes that everyone is a Chief Delighting Officer. An incurable optimist, he’s always been fascinated by the power of positivity, as well as the ability of words and tones to transform people’s lives and experiences. That’s why he’s devoted his life to what he thinks he does best: teach and inspire, helping leaders and organisations to delight people.

He has travelled across the Asia-Pacific and Europe, sharing his thought-provoking, inspiring, interactive and always delightful insights with audiences of all backgrounds, from Fortune 500 leaders to students, community leaders to service frontliners. Above all, his passion lies in helping others find and tweak their inner delight and lead with their values so they can convert employees and customers into raving fans and reach a higher purpose.

A firm believer in edutainment, Avi is the creator and designer of Delivering Delight and Leading with Values. His most recent articles have been featured in Business Times and European Business Review.

When he’s not inspiring anyone, you can find him shooting hoops with his youth basketball team or challenging random service staff to delight their customers.

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  • Appreciative Inquiry for positive change leader by Dr. David Cooperrider at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland.
  • Master Consultant and Trainer of the Value of Values programs and game by Dr. Dolan – ESADE Business School and by Barrett Values Center Certified Cultural Assessment & Transformation.
  • An expert facilitator by Dr. Thiagi www.thiagi.com
  • MMC marketing by GE
  • Computer system analyzer & programmer at Mamram
  • Youth basketball coach at Wingate Sports Academy.

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