Avi lives each day with an unshakeable confidence that the world can be happier, friendlier and greener. He firmly believes leaders are not authorities of power who dictate but role models who walk the talk and constantly develop others. Avi (Bsc. Economics & MBA) is the Chief Delight Officer at Delivering Delight and has been on a mission since 2006 to transform workplaces into positive environments, work into purposeful fun, and individuals into thriving teams. He is inspired to spread the importance of values, the WHY behind behaviors and factors that motivates.

Avi is famous for his ability to help people break their fixed-thinking patterns, question conventional wisdom, step out of the comfort zone and embrace change leading to positive outcomes. Through his playful and enthusiastic attitude to life combined with the rigor of research, Avi creates an open and informal atmosphere which is ideal for bigger events and conferences. His energetic and empathetic speaking style blends constructive realism and facts with humor to engage both body, mind and spirit.

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Avi is an inspirational, motivational and entertaining speaker specializing on Delivering Delight. Based on his experiences from being a leader and working with leaders, he conceptualized that delighted customers begins from delightful leaders who creates a delightful culture for delightful employee experience. Avi helps individuals combine heads and hearts, empowering them to live significantly and become the best they can be to achieve higher engagement, performance, customer experience and meaningful results.

Avi is a leading expert on Lead with Values and builds on Dr Simon Dolan’s 15 years of research on values. He masterly facilitates the Value of Values game to create a fun, engaging and great memory retention experience on the importance of the discovering your own values, understanding others’ values and aligning values with the organization.

Avi leverages on his vast international experience as a former diplomat (Economic, Trade & Tourism Attaché for SEA), investment banker, VP Marketing, basketball coach and change leader to provide simple, actionable and practical tools easily applicable in the corporate world and at home. Made in Tel Aviv, Polish by citizenship, Singaporean family and living in Asia since 1992 whilst working globally gives Avi a global mindset, experience-based insights and perspectives to consult, coach, educate, train and facilitate top organizations. Avi has been working in the domain of positive leadership for over 10 years and his breakthrough learning sessions at conferences, events or company’s internal developments are raved by senior executives throughout Asia and Europe simply because he introduces delight and values into corporate culture in a manner that subsequently increases engagement, inspires loyalty, and improves both employee and customer experiences.

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Jay Thyagarajan

16 March 2015

We worked with Avi and his Delight team for a period of 6 months in 2011-12. The team at Marina Bay Sands had a great time participating in his workshops and took back several learning that were implemented in their Operations. The hotel moved from approx. 140 rank on TripAdvisor to 36 in the 12 months after we took part in Delivering Delight workshops! No better proof that happy employees mean happy customers!

Executive Director

Tamir Shanel

2 May 2011

Avi Liran and Lenny Ravich delivered first rate training to a selected team at MBS. The concept of encouraging laughter and positive attitude to gain superior guest service was well relieved by the team, and I look forward to seeing the results in the near future.

Former VP F&B, Current EVP F&B with The Stronach Group
Avi lives each day with an unshakeable
Avi lives each day with an unshakeable

Avi lives each day with an unshakeable
Avi lives each day with an unshakeable

Avi lives each day with an unshakeable
Avi lives each day with an unshakeable

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