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DPA – The best leadership wishes for you for 2020!

2019 was an amazing year, for which I have much to be grateful for. Good health, a great family, loving relationship, fantastic business partners, appreciative loyal clients, client advocacy, supportive/encouraging mentors, fabulous friends, delightful mentees who made me proud, participating and performing in a second TEDx and having standing ovations with my 83 years old mentor Lenny and contributing to worthwhile causes. As the end of 2019 approached, inviting friends to welcome 2020 with the lighting of Hanukkah candles seemed like a great way to celebrate.

The old Yiddish proverb says “Mann Tracht, Un Gott Lacht” meaning, “Man Plans, and God Laughs.” Life is unforeseeable, despite our most careful planning, real-life circumstances are unpredictable. My invincible airplane of 2019 reached new horizons in 19 countries, flying far to the Maldives and Spain, plus close by to Jakarta; then just before landing, my 2019 plane encountered a massive thunderstorm.


The storm started with a stomach virus in Jakarta, transformed into a head cold in Perth, and escalated into searing sinusitis upon return to Singapore.  Still alive and kicking I planned Hanukkah with a 2020 new year celebration, but the storm was still orbiting my 2019 plane. My mother in law passed away, the celebratory event was canceled, replaced with mourning. My plane was low on fuel, drained immunity meant I was easy prey for the A1-Influenza virus. All four engines of the plane were hit, I called “May Day” and Stephi came to be my support whilst quarantined to my bedroom. I also feel lucky to have a good place to stay, excellent medical coverage and a delightful pilot attitude even in fever-induced delirium.

My wish for you for 2020 is: May you have a D.P.A.: Delightful Pilot’s Attitude.

I did not finish my pilot course at 18 but I still remember a big part of the checklist and emergency practices by heart. It does not matter what anyone will wish for your 2020 because the unknown is not within our control. The only thing that will help you during an unforeseeable emergency is your attitude. Practicing handling stressful situations with grace, humor and utilizing the stalwart/strong relationships that you have in your life.

Since 2006 I was studying hundreds of scientific studies in positive psychology and neuroscience, visiting the happiest nations and writing about their happiness formulas. Most of the Danish people that I asked when investigating why their country is always ranked as one of the happiest nations in the world told me: ‘They are not happy; they are just content with their lives. They accept life as it comes and do not have too high expectations of their lives, nor do they judge another’s life.’

I wish you the attitude of focusing on solutions with a joyous mindset whilst handling the adversities of life and being equipped to uplift the mood of your flight team and passengers.

D.P.A. Checklist and Practices:

  1. Be prepared and don’t expect the year to perfect. Have a checklist and brief for every flight. Always check your plane (your body, mind, and spirit) before taking life flights.
  2. Maintain your plane well on a daily basis, through optimal nutrition, physical exercise, and ongoing personal growth. Allow planned downtime to refresh and replace worn-out parts. As soon as you can afford upgrades, do them by learning new things, doing more research.
  3. Have your flight brief ready, ensure you make good flight plans, keep maintaining your goals, aspirations, and KPIs.
  4. Be agile:  train yourself to be ready to change course as you tune into the weather forecast and control tower directions. Accept what is “Not everything happens the way you wanted or planned, but life happens.” with D.P.A, you will make the best of what is happening.
  5. Cultivate great 360 degrees relationships that will be there for you in times of need. Your team members, suppliers, and people surrounding you are the biggest asset of your journey.
  6. Give space for your crew to lead so they have the experience to take over when you are down. Help them grow with their strengths so they will become better than you. Trust them, motivate them and let go of control.
  7. Keep your cool and focus at times of adversity, there are always eyes are on you. Keep your sense of humor to diffuse the tensions so everyone will feel safe and at ease.
  8. Be vulnerable, ask for help and allow others to teach you and allow yourself to receive
  9. Debrief your flights:  after each mission, g back to check your hits and misses. Be accountable for your actions, learn from life lessons, ask for feedback, share your mistakes so that others may be spared adversities and learn from other people’s mistakes too.
  10. Contribute to others: when your flight is smooth, and your airplane has more capacity you can take care of more people. When all is going well, this is the time for you to invest for those who their plane is in the storm and help them out.
  11. Life is short: make every moment of any flight journey memorable at all times. Ensure you enjoy good entertainment on board of the plane of your life and remind yourself to enjoy life regularly. If you travel a lot, take a day off to learn about the people, place, and culture. Perhaps stay over the weekend and invite loved ones to join you.

I hope you will enjoy this blessing and I hope to meet you at the airport and fly together to new heights in 2020 together.

Love, Avi

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Inspirer, writer, humourist and TEDx/IDEASx speaker, Avi Liran (CSP) believes that everyone is a Chief Delighting Officer.

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